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“Maddie has been part of the CVBBA family now for over 2 years.

When Maddie joined she was very shy and had little confidence, she was receiving speech therapy and was having a few troubles at school and was being picked on, because of her speech.

Now Maddie is a completely different child, her speeech and school work has come on in leaps and bounds. Her teachers are now commenting on how Maddie’s confidence has grown and for the first time, this week, in her assembly Maddie will be narrating.

We believe this is all down to the help and encouragement received from all at CVBBA.

Thank you”

TV Linthwaite



Isaac started at CVBBA with very low confidence and self esteem issues.

We’d also been told that he was possibly dyspraxic, and that martial arts may help his mobility and motor skills.

He’s been attending CVBBA for about 18 months now and I can really see a massive change. His confidence is improving and he’s much more agile.

He has new friends and life skills which will stay with him forever.

I cannot stress enough how important CVBBA is in Isaac’s life.

NS Quarmby